Network Update

Instagram Twitter Youtube We promised to keep developing and improving our site for you guys, and here we are with some more new features! New Features: Merch Creators can now sell their project-branded merch directly from their Creator Page! All you have to do is fill out a merch submission on your profile, upload the […]

Announcing Digital Box Office

Instagram Twitter Youtube We’re excited to announce the official launch of MOORvision’s Digital Box Office! The MOORvision Digital Box Office, or as we like to call it, MOORvision DBO, is engineered to support independent integrity on each level of the filmmaking experience, from the creative to the business end, it being the closest online streaming […]

Bompton Had a Dream: The Soundtrack

Instagram Twitter Youtube We’re excited to announce that we’ve released a soundtrack album for our debut feature film Bompton Had a Dream on the day of the one year anniversary for the film’s release! The album features 20 songs by some of Compton’s most talented local artists, like Kee Riche$, Wallie the Sensei, Hitta J3, […]

The Director’s Eye

Instagram Youtube I watched my movie with a filmmaking partner of mine, and I did what I could to laugh when it was time to laugh, smile when something called for a smile, and just overall be present while watching. But if you could peel back the first layer of my face to see a […]

The Producer’s Eye

Linkedin-in Instagram Youtube The lowest point we hit during the production was when we had extended the production for another week, and I just got home from a very long day on set. It was around 9pm, I get a call from our truck rental company, and the guy is telling me that they made […]