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Network Update

We promised to keep developing and improving our site for you guys, and here we are with some more new features!

New Features:

  • Creators can now sell their project-branded merch directly from their Creator Page! All you have to do is fill out a merch submission on your profile, upload the design, and the merch will shortly upload to be sold.
  • All the merch options will be offered and fulfilled through a dropshipping partner, so the Creators don’t need to worry about actually handling all their orders themselves. At this time, we’ll only be offering the dropshipping option, to ensure ease and certainty of order fulfillment.
Partner Subscriptions
  • Creators can now partner with other Creators, and create Partner Subscriptions that will give subscribers access to all of the involved Creators’ content under one subscription.
  • Creators can decide what earnings split each Partner Creator will receive
  • Creators can also decide which projects from each Partner Creator are included in the subscription, if not all of them.
New, Redesigned User Profile Look
  • We have fully redesigned the user profile!
  • You can now have 1-4 profile pictures
  • You can now have a background picture that covers the entire background section of your profile
  • We’ve added new social icons to your profile: IMDb, TikTok, PayPal and CashApp, as well as ability to add your website to your profile
  • Users can now request verifications
  • Users can now add professions to their profile, which will play an important role in another upcoming update
New Networking Features
  • Users can now message each other
  • Users can now follow each other
  • Users can now show and look at each other’s social activity
  • Users can now get relevant activity notifications

We’ve also refreshed the design of some other aspects of the user experience, and implemented a plenty of other small performance and design improvements.

If we haven’t addressed any questions you still have regarding this, let us know!

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