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US Legislation Laws on Child Sex Trafficking

Animation · Educational · HD · 2022
San Diego, California

Melissa was born and raised in Orange County, California in a very abusive home and as a young girl was kidnapped, trafficked and forced to use drugs as a means of control. Months after her abduction, she escaped by jumping out of a vehicle while on the freeway, a full blown addict. Not able to escape the torture she endured, she ended up on the streets of Los Angeles, in gang infested areas and worked the streets of Figueroa to support her crack habit. In and out of jails and foster homes. Now Melissa is a survivor advocate. Congressman Ed Royce was selected to serve as Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee stated “Human trafficking is modern day slavery that continues to devastate the lives of tens of millions of people around the world. The perpetrators of these disgusting acts prey on the vulnerable and defenseless, including young children. These are not just faraway crimes, but also occur right here in the United States. The U.S. Congress enacted Megan’s Law in 1996 as an amendment to the existing Jacob Wetterling Crimes Against Children’s Act.



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