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Sick Boys Die Alone

Drama · 4K · 2020

Sick Boys Die Alone is an award winning short film written and directed by Howard Campbell. After a lifetime of unfortunate events, a diagnosed bipolar and depressed comedian shares his last jokes on an unexpected crowd.

Who's The Creator?

Howard Campbell is a talented actor, writer, and director who strives to impact his audiences on a deeply emotional level with his work. Howard’s latest short film “SICK BOYS DIE ALONE” was in the 2020/2021 film festival circuit, received rave reviews, and has taken home the awards for “Best Drama” and “Best Director” at the Los Angeles Indie Short Festival. SBDA can currently be found on Amazon Prime. On the acting side, Howard can be seen in an array of different projects including SNOWFALL (FX), THE BOYS (Amazon Prime), and AP BIO (Peacock)

Director & Writer



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