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Drama · Comedy · HD · 2021

PLUGS is comedy crime drama web series created by Brandon James. The first season of PLUGS introduces two main protagonists, Jeremy and Tyrone, and gives insight on how two best friends enter into the shroom selling business. Along the way, Jeremy and Tyrone meet a variety of odd and unique characters while discovering the dangers of being criminals. 

In EPISODE 1, after purchasing a Louis Vuitton bag, Jeremy and Tyrone learn the consequences of “faking it until you make it”.

Who's The Creator?

Brandon James is an up-and-coming filmmaker born and raised in Chicago. He’s currently based in Los Angeles, and he’s been living there for the past five years. Screenwriting, directing, producing, and even acting, Brandon has an array of talents that are shown within his comedy and crime web series: PLUGS. Some of his biggest influences are Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, and the Sadie Brothers. While Brandon is currently writing for television, he plans to write and direct feature-length films in the near future. 

PLUGS is important to us due to this series being the first portrayal of Brandon’s abilities towards the art of filmmaking. He plans on making this series his gateway into the film and television industry.

Director & Writer



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